The State of Alabama
Wilcox County
        Know all men by these presents that we Samuel J. Dunnam &
        Enoch H. Cook are held and firmly bound unto David W.
        Sterrett, Judge of the County Court of said County and his
        successors in Office, in the sum of One Thousand Dollars for
        the due and faithful payment of which sum well and truly to be
        made we bind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors and
        Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents
        sealed with and sealed and dated 16th day of March 1844.
        The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the
        above bound Samuel J. Dunnam has been duly appointed as
        Administrator of the Estate of Robert C. Dunnam, deceased: Now
        therefore, should the said Samuel J. Dunnam will and truly do
        and perform all the duties which are or may be by law required
        of himas such administration then the above obligation to be
        null and void else to remain in full force and effect.
Approve by me                                   S. J. Dunnam (seal)
D. W. Sterrett, Judge                           E. H. Cool (seal)

The State of Alabama
Wilcox County

        Orphans Court this 16th March 1844. Be it remembered and made
        known to all whom it may concernthat on the application of
        Samuel J. Dunnam to our said Court we have caused these our
        letters of Administration to issue in favor of the said Samuel
        J. Dunnam on the Estate of Robert C. Dunnam, deceased and in
        every case which occasion may require he is authorized to
        bring suit and be sued as the lawfull administrator  of the
        said Robert C. Dunnam deceased as aforesaid.

                Witnesss the Honorable David W. Sterrett Judge of our
                said Court this 16th day of March 1844 and 68th year
                os American Independence.
                                Attest: W. C. Gilmore, Clerk